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    Sunset in the mountains

    The Coldest Sunset

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    Natural Obstacle Off-Trail Racing is a part of Mad Trapper Racing events designed to fulfill your need for challenges. What are you waiting for? Register now and start racing.


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    Natural Obstacle Off Trail Race Description

    As Dave McMahon says:

    "The Mad Trapper NOOTR only offers 1 obstacle... the thing is, that obstacle is over one hour long!"

    I've included a description of last year's race on the home page of this website. I expect this year's course will be very similar.

    Here is how I set the course...


    I go into the woods and look around. When I see something (a steep hill, thick brush, a swamp, a cliff, etc) that, if hiking in the woods, I would GO AROUND....

    Well, that obstacle then becomes part of the course.

    It's that easy... and twisted.

    Over Boulders, Lion and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! Steep Uphills, Steeper Downhills, Downriver Canyons, Through Swamps, Under Logs, Up Cliffs, 

    What else do you need?