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Steep Uphills, Steeper Downhills, Downriver Canyons, Through Swamps, Under Logs, Up Cliffs, Over Boulders, Lion and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY! What else do you need?

The NOOTR is now "NO MORE"

Our last NOOTR ever was June 11, 2022

Natural Obstacle off Trail Race

As Dave McMahon says:

"The Mad Trapper NOOTR only offers 1 obstacle... the thing is, that obstacle is over 4km long!"







10am Start 

June 11, 2022 at "The Ark" 

(Denholm, QC, 40min north of Ottawa)


"Shouldn't I be ropped in for this?"

Obstacle course racing has certainly grown in popularity the last few years with the advent of the Spartan Races, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash.

But where these races offer anywhere from 10 to over 25 man-made obstacles, this Mad Trapper event takes a different approach.


As Dave McMahon says:


"The Mad Trapper NOOTR only offers 1 obstacle... the thing is, that obstacle is over 4km long!" 

Yes it's true, in this event it can be tough to determine where one obstacle ends and the other begins. Because this is an "all natural" course, one challenge blends seamlessly into the next.

Last year the race started with a steep uphill scramble. That was followed by a steep decent and then a cliff climb on the other side. After climbing back down the cliff, racers faced a thigh deep swamp crossing. Making their way through some twists and turns in the trees, participants then faced another swamp and a few up and over boulder climbs before another steep downhill/ uphill combination.

Through the bush again, racers found yet another canyon traverse followed by a maze through a section of downed trees. Once through an obstacle laden swamp, there was another daunting straight up cliff climb. For those who questioned their rock climbing skills, there was a longer way around this particular challenge.

Racers then had an opportunity to stretch their legs as they ran approximately 400m to an ankle deep muddy trail that led to the 1/2km long downriver canyon section. Once cleaned off by the refreshing stream, racers faced a long, steep, slippery uphill. Arriving at the top of this hill, the remaining 500m are relatively straightforward, with just a few monster boulders blocking the way to the finish.

Will you get some scratches during this event?



​​​​​​​Yeah, probably.

Will you have more fun than you’ve ever had in a non-beer related trail running event?


Are You mad Enough?

Apparently road running is bad for your bones!

Are You Mad Enough?


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